Saturday, March 12, 2011

Studio Sale!!!!

Print of photograph on textured paper, framed - accepting offers starting at $10

Trio of Cherry Blossom Photos, matted & framed - accepting offers starting at $8

Original Oil on Canvas, framed - accepting offers starting at $30

Inspired by O'Keefe oil on canvas, framed - accepting offers starting at $50

Acrylic on canvas - accepting offers starting at $15

Print of acrylic on canvas, signed & numbered, matted & framed - accepting offers starting at $5

Acrylic on gesso'd paper, matted & framed - accepting offers starting at $5

Acrylic on gesso'd paper, matted & framed - accepting offers starting at $5

Print of photograph on watercolor paper, matted & framed - accepting offers starting at $10

Going through the inventory I had left from different shows, the gallery, and requested pieces that were never picked up was a bit of an emotional ride, both good and bad. These pieces have already spent too long not being enjoyed and just in boxes so I am ready to send them off to loving homes where they will be enjoyed.

I hope you see something that catches your eye! If so please make me an offer...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Baby Alice

Tiny, beautiful, little baby Alice...

She was about 3.5 lbs and 3 weeks old when I joined the new family at their home for a few hours to meet her and capture a few special moments.

The family...

Preciously sleeping...

Baby feet may be one of the best things ever :-)

This fabric was the one important item we needed to photograph mom and baby with...important to her family and heritage.

Thank you for letting me meet your little angel, and inviting me in during a very special time.

Enjoy the moments!

Friday, July 30, 2010

New Blog Look

So what do you think? I thought I needed a little change around here :-)

Being a Mom is MORE than a Full-Time Job

Having my son has been the hardest and yet most rewarding thing I have ever done.

I get asked a lot why I am not back working more again...I guess it is a personal choice, but right now I am trying to be the best mom I can be to my son. I want to give him my full attention when he needs me, and well when I go into my creative world I go deep into another place. I want my work and my clients to receive my full attention when I do work as well, and thus the problem of me working more again is unveiled: I can't be offering my full attention in two directions.

Do I miss it? Of course I do! Some days more than others, but I think of the things I would miss with my son.

What now? Well this is an open ended answer as I am still processing what the future holds for me, holds for the business...

I did experiment with some infant photography for a friend the other day. It was fun to be behind the camera again, and despite not being an area I am familiar with we ended up with some winners :-) I do not think I will go down the kid photography route though...unless it is for a friend of course. I will talk with her to see if I can post a few - stay tuned.

I am going to get to shoot an engagement session side by side again with my photography teacher, mentor, and friend Brittany Kelly in October at Gettysburg Battlefield.

In August I am going to take down the current gallery wall of my photography and paintings at Follow Your Heart Yoga and do a new install of some of my newer abstract work.

And I think I may be ready to try to find a wedding or two for Fall or Spring. I'm gonna be picky though! I would love an outdoor, more intimate wedding up here in Frederick. I have been wanting to get a couple having their special day at one of the many beautiful and historic places around here such as Sugarloaf Mountain, Comus Inn, etc. Maybe by putting this out into the world something will come to fruition.

Sorry for how long it has been since I have updated you, but I hope this helps everyone know where things are with me and the business. I am still around doing my art and photography, just in very limited engagement!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beautiful Pregnant Belly

My girlfriend Marcia came to visit me for 4 days on a whim vacation. After feeling extremely crappy for a few months with my 1st pregnancy I was so happy to have some pregnant companionship with someone who has shared a lot with me in the last 8 years. Usually I am the one who does the advice giving, but she is about 10 weeks ahead of me in the pregnancy so this time the tables are turned.

While she was visiting she asked if I would do some belly photos for her, and although this was a new subject matter for me (if you will) I said I would try...I am not sure if this is a new route I may go, or because of our friendship and connection I was just able to really capture some special moments. Either way these are my top 10 in no particular order!

I love you Marcia! Can't wait to meet the little man...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cousin/Sibling Photo Shoot

I had the opportunity yesterday to photograph 4 kids (ages 18 months to 15 years). The neat part was they were all related...brothers, sisters, cousins. We had a great time at the park, and I learned how vital the ducks were in keeping the littlest one entertained through the photos :-)

I am still editing and weaning down the photos (with kids you learn to just shoot a lot due to blinks and funny faces). These are my favs from the afternoon...enjoy the sneak peak!

You should be able to click on them to open them up to see more detail.