Thursday, September 11, 2008

Handmade Notecards for all Occassions

One of my many goals before next week was to get some notecards created to be sold at the NOLAA Gallery since the gallery just ordered a new card display rack, and well I can't let that go to waste.  I hadn't had a "light bulb" moment of inspiration of what I wanted to do for them because well I wanted to be different...that is until today, and then the light bulb went off!

Introducing my new card series titled "Inspirational Moments."  Right now you can only purchase them at the NOLAA Gallery in Yellow Springs!

Here is a small preview of my favs...

My signature for this "Inspirational Moments" card series is the hand sewn metal dangles on each card.

Love, Live, Laugh, Inspire, Create, Believe, Imagine...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Royal Oak CC)

Although I have been working crazy hours (even through my birthday) editing and processing images from this wedding - seeing the final products of my labors always makes me happy.  

I am amazed how many people don't do programs these days.  I personally am a fan of having them for the guests, plus they make great photo backdrops.

This may be my favorite photo of a bride's dress I have taken yet...thanks to Root Photography for the inspiration from one of their past shoots!

I absolutely adored this family, and found it such a sweet moment to be able to witness as all the women family members took a moment to have an energy circle before the day really kicked off.

Most of you know outdoor photography is by far my favorite, but I am learning and experimenting with ways that I actually like using indoors too.  I feel this photo of the couple is timeless with an air of old fashion likeness.

Randy & Suzanne - you two are just the cutest, and have the biggest hearts that are so apparent from anyone who has the opportunity to meet you.  I wish you both the best, and happiest of years together!