Friday, October 31, 2008

My Top 10 Reasons People Should Buy Original Art

  1. You have something no one else has
  2. You look cultured
  3. Support your local community by keeping the money local
  4. Buy American made
  5. Bring color and good energy to your room
  6. Support the Buy Handmade movement
  7. Buying original art as a gift shows you really thought about the person you were buying for
  8. You make a direct difference in someone's life - the artist!
  9. Express your unique style
  10. Because I said so...
So this holiday season Buy Handmade: whether it be from a local craft fair, art gallery, or online at great handmade artsy sites like Etsy (if you haven't checked out Etsy before you will be addicted)!

Get to know me...beyond my art

The cooperative gallery I am part of back in Yellow Springs, Ohio had a great idea - offering Q&A time with the artists so you get to know us beyond our trade. I LOVED the idea so much I am going to add some Q&As about me on here to add some more fun to life :-)

Q: What piece of winter clothing can you not live without?

A: Definitely my Uggs!!! Oh, how I love the Uggs. It has gotten cold enough in the last week to pull out my new pair, courtesy of my husband for my birthday (thanks hun!), and I had almost forgotten how happy they make me...almost. I actually wore out the inside sheepskin from my 1st pair in just under two years because I wore them so often. I hate socks, and really like being barefoot so Uggs for me are my winter foot sanity :-)

I own the chocolate (not pictured, and pink ones)...

Stay tuned for more fun, interesting, and crazy facts about me! If you have something you would love to know ASK...maybe it will be answered in one of my next Q&A sessions.

And check out NOLAA Gallery's new blog, soon to be updated with artist Q&A as well.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Jeweled Blooming Branches

I wanted to play around this week with new materials and experiment. The result - "Jeweled Blooming Branches" - I am excited to see how they are received...I personally really liked how they turned out :-)

The pieces are original acrylic paintings on canvas adorned with paper layered flowers and glass beads.

They will be for sale at the NOLAA Gallery next month unless someone claims any before they are shipped out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A great discovery - water lily gardens near my house!

By driving around looking for new places to explore one afternoon I found a sanctuary - Lilypons! It is a nature preserve where they raise tons of different varieties of water flowers, but mainly lilys and some lotuses.

Rob asked to go back with me when I returned to photograph so I didn't hurt myself (mainly because I had fallen down stairs the week before). I obliged, and he even got a few of me at work. I am just glad I never fell in (unintentionally) or ruined any equipment!

Here are two of the shots from that flower I was photographing above...

Well, I really wanted the shot, and photographing from the banks of the larger ponds was not what I went in (ewwie!!!). Except for the tadpoles and other things I couldn't see swimming between my toes I lived :-)

And below are 4 more shots that I got while risking the wade into the yucky waters...

The below photo will give you a better idea of some of the ponds. I can not wait to be here for peak bloom next summer!!!

I will upload more photos to my main website under Flora Photography. As always prints will be available for purchase, and I will be making some note cards adorned with the lily photos. Cards will be available at NOLAA Gallery.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Art Pendants & Magnets - New inventory in the works

I have not been as productive as I would have hoped over the last month or so, but given the move and having to transfer the business to a new state, etc I guess my productivity over the last few days makes up for something :-)

I had a few more pieces of past origami papers yet to use on my art pendants so here are the newest pendants from that series in the works...

I got so excited the other day because I found the best origami pattern to date...Tokyo Cherry Blossoms!!! My cherry blossom painting in pendant and print form has been the best seller this year, and because of that, and well my love of them, I am introducing a limited edition cherry blossom pendant line. Only the 15 shown below will be made! So if you like them do not miss out - email me your order today before they are sent to the gallery....

My art magnets also were a surprise hit. I sold out of the first batch before I left, and have had requests for more. So ask and you shall receive (eventually).

Here is a sneak peak at the Wine Series...

The maternity series (a tribute to all my friends who have been and are currently pregnant over the last 2 years)...

And last but not least the Christmas series...

A lot of these will soon be shipped to NOLAA Gallery in Yellow Springs so if you don't live in Ohio and want any of the above please get in touch with me soon to assure your picks.

Have a great week!