Friday, January 23, 2009

Exploring My Ancestory

While researching different parts of Germany for my upcoming travels I learned more about the area called Bavaria where my ancestors rein from...

Bavaria prides itself on its uniqueness known for its variety of beautiful lakes, forests and the towering summits of the Alps. Upper Bavaria has its own highlights, which include beautiful castles and gorgeous monasteries.

Beer is not merely considered to be a beverage in Bavaria, it is their cultural heritage [and a daily staple if anything like my family]. Bavarian beer (brewed according to the purity regulations of 1516) is world-famous; the hops used in its production are grown in Bavaria itself.

Bavarians are characterized as either loud and brash or as humorous, warm and fun-loving depending on who you meet. [This explains a lot! Even after many generations since our family lived in Bavaria these traits prevail.]

In eastern Bavaria, glassworks and porcelain manufactorers carry on traditional crafts. [Maybe my creativity and artistic talent comes from generations is in my blood.]

Special thanks to for the great information.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crushed Can Art Series Now For Sale on Etsy

As of this morning you can now purchase any of the 12 crushed can art pieces out of my Cherry Blossom series on Etsy.

And, as an added bonus shipping is FREE!

This merging of art and recycling has been a big hit and conversation piece around the gallery and online.

Make one of these 12 hand signed and numbered cans part of your collection today.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nick & Annie are married!

It is such a pleasure to be present emotional and mentally at a wedding to enjoy the day for the love of the couple. I had almost forgotten what attending, not working, at a wedding was like.

This past weekend our friends Annie & Nick were married in West Chester, Ohio and we had the privilege of being guests – what a wonderful feeling! They are such a great couple and the wedding had many personal touches from each of them.

Before our move from Ohio I did help Annie design her centerpieces. She wanted something that was winter, but not holiday; elegant yet not overdone. I think we found a great and unique grouping that helped set the mood and theme.

For their wedding present I used photos from their engagement session I shot earlier last year and created a photo guest book. I love that guests have fun looking through the photos of the couple while signing, and that the couple have a keepsake of photos and notes of wishes from their family and friends for years to come.

It was great seeing you and being able to be there on your special day!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Right now I have no plans for the future other than to make the plans. I'm not really sure what I'll do, or where life is taking me on this crazy ride.

As Tristan Prettyman put it in her recent blog that I so connected with, "The world is my fishbowl. Maybe i'll get married and have 6 kids. Maybe tomorrow i'll wake up and finally be inspired to write a song. Maybe I'll stumble upon a new path, go back to school, get my degree. Maybe i'll become a raw/vegan chef...Im getting really good at that..Or perhaps I will become so dedicated to my yoga practice, I will become a Yoga teacher. Im not really sure. But i do know, that everything happens for a reason, and getting lost is usually the most memorable part of the adventure."

So not everything exactly applies...I mean I am already married, and instead of getting inspired to write it would be painting...chef maybe, but not vegan or raw I like too many yummy things not in these categories. However a lot of the other things Tristan writes about apply. Who knows what is to come, I certainly don't...right now I feel lost in a world of familiarness, uncertainty, and confusion all rolled into one.